Engagements are one of my favorite parts of the entire photography experience with my couples! We get to know each other, and we get to look like idiots in front of each other because I’ll make you two kiss in front of a stranger (me) and I’ll probably trip at least ten times over myself. I’ve done tons of engagements, so I’ve found a few things that help so much in order to get those candid + gorgeous shots! Here’s my two cents on how to prepare for engagements :

What you wear.

You want your outfits to COMPLIMENT the environment and each other.

Choose something that compliments the environment we will shoot in. Think of environment when picking colors! Most of the time, any neutral color will compliment whatever environment we shoot in. Neutrals aren’t just tans and grays and white, there are neutrals of every color! For example, mustard is a neutral of yellow. Forest green is a neutral of green. Navy is a neutral of blue, and so on and so forth.
Fluorescent or bright colors usually draw your attention away from faces, so avoid wearing anything that is bright and overly colorful.
Reds, pinks, maroons, and oranges have the tendency to reflect onto your skin. So if your fiance wears a red shirt, your skin will most likely end up looking really pink in all of your photos. This is why neutrals are a great choice, as they wont affect your skin color!
Lastly, remember to not wear overly distracting patterns. We want photos to be about you two and your love. Not what you wear.


Here’s  a couple examples of outfits that compliment the environment with neutral non distracting colors:

Max Patch Elopement
Florida Engagement
Couples Session


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